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Luo Yi, who is previously called Yi in Mobile Legends recently got a rework. This hero is the newest mage of Mobile Legends. She has 2 forms that can use to harass her enemies, the Yin and Yang. Each time she hit the enemies with her skills, she will mark the enemy.

If 2 or both enemies with the same mark are near each other, she will deal more damage. However, if the enemies each have a different mark both will be pulled, hence her codename “Magnet mage” comes from.

Mobile Legends Luo Yi

Before the rework, she has 4 skills, that can be used to change her form anytime she wants. This ensures the player to be able to mark his enemy with anything they want yin or yang.

The player can also make the best combination accordingly. However, Moonton decides that it is too “complicate” and then rework her by deleting the skill that could change her form anytime she wants. This will make her really hard to use since the user will need to time her ability well.


A Youtuber also gives a little explanation regarding the skill. Where apparently before the rework, the user can pull the enemy almost 3 times. The pull can also stun her enemies in one place. However, because of the reworks, she won’t be able to do that anymore. This is why the YouTuber considers it to be a nerf rather than a buff.

But what do you guys think about this rework? Have you tried Mobile Legends Luo Yi? Do you think she is a good hero?

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