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Currently, in the ranked match, Hyper Carry, or the Funneling strategy is dominating the game. This strategy revolves around the carry of the team, making them fat while being guarded by support and tank. Other than the carry, the heroes will all buy roaming items.

The roaming item has the ability to share the exp and gold for the user that doesn’t use the item. It has the passive devotion where the user will get 20 exp or gold if they are at the bottom and 2 exp and gold if not. The carry will get fat, while the support will be able to help the carry ensuring his/her place in the late game.

However, in the next update. It is said that the passive of roaming item the one that gives +2 exp and gold will be removed. This means that if the support and tanker both buy the Roaming item, one of them won’t be able to get any gold or exp.

This means that one of the users won’t be able to level up, and their ability might not be as powerful as before the passive is removed. It will be much harder for the carry to roam anywhere and they won’t be able to kill as easily as before.

It is also said in the next patch that the roaming item will get cheaper, and users will be able to buy more items like mana regen to start with the match. So what do you think about this nerf?

Will it delete the funneling/hyper carry strategy? Comment down below!

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