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Since Moonton decided to nerf devotion, people have been having a hard time where to get gold and exp while using the item. Most people are stuck at level one for the first 2 minutes. It means that they won’t be able to engage in a fight, and the gold won’t be able to advance one another.

Which is why today we will give you guys little tips on roaming item so that you can maximize the amount of gold and exp that you can get in the early game!

Basically, if the amount of gold that you had is not the lowest, you won’t be able to get any more gold. This means if there are 2 people that are using the roaming item at the same time, and their gold is the lowest, both won’t be able to get the +20 gold per 5 seconds. So, both will be stuck at level 1 for a little while.

However, there is a trick to it. If one person buy the item, the other person must wait for a little while before buying the roaming item, or at least until he kills one creep or jungle and gets a gold with that, there will be a gold difference.

The roaming item will be able to know the gold difference and activate the passive after one kill. So, if the marksman and supports really need to buy a roaming item, be the greater guy and wait for a little while before buying the roaming item. Because not many people are smart enough to understand that!

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