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Freya, one of the most recent revamped hero in Mobile Legends is still not that good. Of course, she is better than her previous post-revamp version, but she can’t really compete in the recent META.

If you jump, there is nothing that you can do unless you hit the other person twice first. There are also problems with the delay after second skill so that she can’t spam it all the time whenever she wants to. But after this update, she might be one of the best marksman/offlaner in Mobile Legends!


In the update, there are 2 things that are change on Freya. First is her first jump skill, Freya won’t use up all of her orbs on her jump. She will only use one stack of orbs, and her range will be buff to max. However, there is a little bit nerf on her stun, where she won’t be able to stun for 1.2s now and only 0.8s, but this change is not that significant in exchange for the ability to use her second skill to kill her enemies.

Her ultimate is also buffed in the game. Now, her range is almost like Moscov with a huge mid-range splash damage. With this combination, there will be no more problem to killing a runaway enemies.

Sadly, there hasn’t been any change regarding her damage overall, and since endless battle (her core item) is being nerfed, it might be a little hard to use her without a second life steal item.

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