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After revamping Eudora, Miya, Zilong, and the recent one Saber, Moonton finally decides to buff another useless hero which is Balmond.

Balmond is one of the oldest heroes on Mobile Legends, he is a tank/fighter. However, he lacks the ability to either do damage and tank properly. Which is why he is set aside in the pile of unused heroes.

Thankfully, Moonton decides to buff him up, and the buff is making him so strong!

In the update, Moonton decides to buff 2 of his skills. First is the Beyblade, 2nd skills, where Balmond can spin over and over and deal damage to their opponents. The best thing about this buff is that each time he deals damage, there is a 25% increased damage to the enemies up to 100% maximum damage increase. This will help him deal more damage and with the blood lust axe passive, he will survive more battle.

Not only that, Moonton also buff his Ultimate ability. He will deal more damage and the physical damage adjusted from 50% to 100%. This will help him kill more enemies activating his passive to heal him more. Making him one of the most unkillable tanks and fighter in the game.

This update gives him damage and ability to tank more damage (because of his heal and bloodlust axe passive) almost like Uranus in the early game.

Well, depending on the feedback of players in the advance server. This update might change his overall game play to a more aggressive play style.

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