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Tank lacks in damage, because of their main purpose is to shield the damage dealer in the game. It is not like Moonton has decided to leave the damage tank in the trash. This is why they made Attack and Defense, which is an emblem that can increase its user’s Attack based on the user’s health. Recently, Moonton is going to rework it to a better one!

The rework will affect overall tank damage. For you that want to be a tank and damage or offlaner tank for some reason, this might be an emblem for you.

In 1s after the next basic attack, you will deal magic damage to nearby units kinda like the passive of item Cursed Helmet. You can combine this item with Cursed Helmet for double damage. Especially since laning is a bit hard for tanks in the late game.

This rework will be so helpful for heroes with huge HP pools like Hylos and Belerick especially in the late game. If the magic damage is based on their health.

Hopefully, this will get another buff from Moonton because despite the importance of tank in the game, Moonton didn’t really give them a chance to shine.

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