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Even though Hilda is not used by many people, it is still one of the most solid fighters in Mobile Legends. She is cheap and has a powerful roaming ability that can deal massive damage to her enemies in the early game.

But ask any Hilda users in the game, what is her most powerful move in the game? Her healing abilities that can get out of most situations right?

Well, Moonton for some unknown reason, decides to take that off. Which is why, in the next update Hilda will get a huge nerf by Moonton.

Anyway, her HP regen at low health as you can see above will be removed, the slow from 70% will also be adjusted to 40% only. There is also a slight buff on her 2nd and ultimate skills. Where the user will be able to get a lot more enemies in her splash range by using her second skill and then her damage overall by using her ultimate will be increased greatly.

But her main damage survives ability which is her HP regen will be removed, and it is a huge blow for her. A really good Hilda will be able to go-in a tower by using this ability and survive even though she tanks the tower attacks. But because of this, Hilda users won’t be able to do that anymore.

Hopefully, the nerf won’t come through, because currently, it is still on the experiment stage in the advance server.

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