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Aside from Benedetta that is going to be the newest assassin, Moonton is going to release a new hero called Khaleed who is going to be the next fighter in Mobile Legends. He is going to be one of the newest fighters with the ability to summons sandstrom to kill and debuff his opponents.


Khaleed is a fighter that has 3 skills and one unique passive. Here is the detailed explanation and skills:

  • Sand Walk Passive: Khaleed will accumulate the power of the desert and when it is full, he will move forward through the sand, increasing the movement speed by 5%, and strengthen the next ordinary attack/ Passive Enhanced normal attack, will cause Khaleed to charge a target with surging sand wave that will cause 125% physical damage to enemies in a straight range and leave pool of sand on the ground. Khaleed will increase 16 on the sand (+24%) movement speed, while the enemy will reduce the movement speed by 3% on the sand.
  • Desert Tornado Skill 1: Khaleed makes a tornado using sand blade to cause physical damage to the surrounding enemies, as long as he hit the enemies, he can push the joystick to make a jump, after landing, he will automatically perform another range attack to cause the same damage.
  • Quicksand Guard Skill 2: relies on the power of quicksand to protect himself, recovering 20 (+362) health per second and reducing damage taken by 30% for 9s. While reducing the movement speed of the enemies.
  • Raging Sandstorm Ultimate: he can summons a sandstorm to rush to the designated location, causing 1 physical damage, and continuous propulsion effect to the enemies in the path. he will hit the ground after reaching the end point, dealing 1000 (+) physical damage and stun effect. Blink effect, will not have any effect during the sandstorm.
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Hopefully, Khaleed wont be too op in the game, because currently there are to many heroes with OP skill that is going to dominate the fight. Anyway, are you excited for this hero? Comment down below!

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