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Finally, the long-awaited revamp is out now on Mobile Legends advance server. Layla, and Alucard will finally get a power up on the advance server and it is looking good. Both heroes got their own buff and revamp that makes them strong erasing their core skills and abilities. You can see both revamp on the video below…..

LAYLA Revamp:

For Layla, Moonton gives her a buff for her passive skills and basic attack. The range will increase for more than twice the normal range of her skills. She will have a maximum basic attack range at level 12 unlike the previous post revamp one. Although most people expect a more mobile so that she can run more, this revamp is still good considering her core as a long range attacker.



For Alucard, Moonton decided to buff his ultimate. Now, he can use his ultimate to mark not only one but all enemies in range of his skills. This means that the lifesteal effect will be applied to not only one hero but also 5 other heroes in range. The more heroes he can get in his skill range, the more damage and survivability that he can use to survive the battle. With this effect, he can go into any battle and still survive more.

Hopefully, with this update, both heroes will be able to shine more in a match. Because right now, both hero is deemed as two of the worst hero in the history of mobile legends.

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