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If you are new to the community then you should definitely know about this meme, called Layla tank that dominates the fight in Mobile Legends! So today, without further ado, we are here to breakdown a little bit reason why Layla is possibly the best tank in Mobile Legends.


1. Even without any marksman item, Layla has damage

Basically, why the tank build works on Layla, it is mainly because of her passive abilities that are able to scale based on her range in general. If she is able to hit any enemies in a long-range setting, Layla will be able to deal maximum damage around 300-400 damage per hit. Not to mention her abilities have a low cooldown overall, which makes her perfect for a damage-dealing tank.

2. The best offense is defense!

With the previous reason, Layla can deal more damage, but why should we buy more defense item? Isn’t it okay to buy immortality and attack items after that?

Well, say no more, like most marksman, Layla has a really paper thin health. For some reason, her health is way worse than any marksman, mainly because she herself didn’t have any blink abilities that can help her juke or kite the enemies ability. If you are hit then you are dead.

Which is why it is really important to have a good tank layla with maximum defense items that can help her dominate the fight. It is for the best possible outcome as the best tank in the whole game!

3. Critical? More like True damage!

One of the best item that i have used in my Layla tanking build is the Thunder Belt. Layla has a really low cooldown, which means that each time she uses her skills with Thunder belt, she will be able to deal massive damage and slow. Apart from that, her second ability to slow her enemies will also help her allies more in the game. Double slow, good damage, and range abilities, what else do you need in good tank support!

4. It is fun to play her as a tank

Ever play Layla and dies 12 times in a row. I know I have, and you might not, but it is still possible because she is really slow. However with a tanking build, you won’t die easily as a Layla users, and it is pretty fun to kill another enemy with a weird build. Plus, if your enemies have an assassin that can easily kill Layla marksman like fanny, then they will have a hard time to kill you with a Layla build tank.


Of course, there are still many reasons why we use Layla as a tank and you might not agree with this, but can you tell us your reason in the comments below?

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