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In this modern age, there are many ways to look for a relationship online. Tinder is one of the best example that you can get for finding a relationship online. However, the app match us based on the apperance of the other person. What if you want to have a more similar hobby, like gaming? Well, you don’t need to search for it anymore, because Kippo is finally out on mobile.

Kippo is a brand new dating and social app for gamers! Find dates and make new friends! Kippo is created by prominent Twitch Streamers, Professional Gamers, Shoutcasters, and other lifelong gamers. Kippo’s platform provides an organic approach to building connections, making friends, and finding dates. Through Kippo’s unique “Profile Card Decks”, users are able to build beautiful, interactive, and information-rich profiles through a series of interest “Cards” that are fun and easy to fill out.

As a community, we have zero tolerance for mean-spirited or hateful behavior and have a 24/7 moderation team that makes sure that our community is always a friendly and positive one. You can learn more about our terms of use at We are super excited to share Kippo with everyone and will continuously reach out to the community for feedback and ideas.

Basically Kippo is tinder for mobile, where it is created for gamers to find their lifelong partner that they can share their hobby with. It is an app, where user will be able to set what game they usually play, and match it depending on what games you are interested with. You can also use this app to find friends with the same hobby to find the person that you would love to play games with. The devs also implemented a zero-tolerance feature for those that want to troll on the app, so basically it is safe to say that Kippo will be a place for the gamer community to hang out and find loves.

There are also a unique profile creating system where you can set your face as a card deck, and make your personality and description as your power attack as you have in the pokemon card. it is both cute and fun!

Sadly, Kippo is only released on iOS, but the devs promised that they are going to develop the app for android users. If you are an iOS users, you can check out the link here to download the app now!

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