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Although most Android apps can be downloaded for free, there are apps that provide more than that that are offered for free. It is okay to use free apps, but sometimes, there are others that might want to choose the extra feature that the paid app has to offer. This is why there many people that pay for apps. If you are new to paid apps, then you might wonder, if that app is really that good for you. Is it worth your money? Well, if so, here is the trick that I often use to select a paid app and try it before buying it for real!

How to try Paid App before buying it for real

TLDR: Even if you pay for an app in the google play store, there is a return policy where you can claim back your money. So you can try the paid app first before buying it.

Google android apps have a return policy where if you buy an android app or game and aren’t satisfied with it, you can return it within 2 hours for a full refund without any problem. If that 2 hour is up, there is a second chance where Google can process your refund by contacting the support in the 48-hour window or 2 days. Or the last chance is where you can contact the app developer and have them give you money back.


To claim the refund you can simply use these step:

  • Go to this site
  • Login to your account
  • Find your “Order History” and find the apps that you want to return
  • Click more on the right of the order
  • Request for a refund
  • Fill in the form
  • Done!

There will always a period of a day to a week before your money is back and you might want to wait for Google to process it. While doing so, the app can’t be used, and you might want to try out another app.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you. Thank you for watching and have a nice day!

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