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If you are on the Mobile Games update, then you will definitely know that the competition between MOBA games Mobile Legends with other titles is really strong. But the recent competition with League of Legends Wild Rift seems to shaken one of the top MOBA game made by Moonton. Depending on its execution, League of Legends Wild Rift might be able to knock off the perch as the best MOBA game on Mobile devices. So now, if you are wondering Is League of Legends Wild Rift really that good than Mobile Legends, then here is some comparison that we had found during little research.

1. Gameplay


Regarding the gameplay, Mobile Legends have a really straight forward gameplay, where users only need to defend the base and destroy the enemy base. The roles selection don’t really matter as long as you have META heroes on your teams such as Kimmy, Granger, Gussion, Ling, Kaja, or any other heroes that can one-shot any enemies in one skill use + Usually as long as you have 1 tanks and one carry you are able to win any game. And the META is currently based on whether or not you pick counter heroes or whether or not you can pick the META heroes to kill the enemies. There isn’t really an in-depth strategy regarding the jungle roles or anything else, and the gameplay is pretty easy for beginners to pick up too.

For League of Legends Wild Rift, It is a lot harder to pick up. First of all, there are more buttons to tap than Mobile Legends, each with their own function. The map is darkened to let you see where enemies can be seen and where it can’t be seen. and there is a Ward usage that most Mobile MOBA games don’t have. The baseline is the same, players will need to defend the base while destroying the enemies based, but the execution is pretty different. The role selection is pretty important with Jungler and Mid laner as their core in the early game, and marksman or ADC as their core in the late game. Gank will be a lot harder in this game since there are wards that can be used to verify the map, and jungler has its own sets of rules to follow. Depending on the team strategy, you will need to work with your team to win the fight more.

TLDR: For those that want a more challenging game League of Legends Wild Rift is for you! But For those that want a more easy game, Mobile Legends is for you.

2. Graphic


Before the mobile release League of Legends is already one of the best MOBA games with a good graphic. It is not surprising that the Mobile version is similar or even better than the PC version. One of the top Mobile legends streamers and Youtuber called Akosi Doggie, said that even though the control of League of Legends Wild Rift is confusing, the graphic is still the best and he is in awe with it. The animation is really smooth, and users can even see the texture easily.  For Mobile Legends, The graphic might need to get a little update to surpass League of Legends

TLDR: League of Legends has better graphic

3. Heroes


There are more variety of heroes with mobile legends, each with different sets of skills. However, Mobile Legends has a lot of heroes that don’t have any purpose in the game or what so ever. Take Balmond for example that is getting a rework or revamp by Moonton. He is so rarely used in any games, that even mentioning that you are going to use balmond will get you a report by your teammates. Not to mention in a rank, it is because the new heroes in Mobile Legends, usually have an OP skill that can dominate the fight, so the previous and older heroes might be forgotten. Of course, there are counter heroes that can be used on certain “occasions” but it is rare to see people not flame you with the current META heroes. Each hero cost 32.000 BP, so you might need to farm, grind or lose more match first before buying the OP heroes that can be used to win more match

For League of Legends Wild Rift, since it is still on alpha test, there isn’t much that can be said except for the similarity with the PC version. There are many familiar heroes with a change in skill to suit the mobile version gameplay. Since it has just released on Alpha we can’t give you more accurate information for its release later and we will update this section more;

TLDR: Mobile Legends new heroes are usually OP, which makes the game unbalanced for new players. League of Legends Wild Rift there is not enough information for because it is still on alpha

Regarding this research, I can say that League of Legends wild rift will give you a much more interesting and challenging game experience that Mobile Legends. But it can be a little hard to get into the game especially if you didn’t know what button is what, and for those that want a more easy gameplay, Mobile Legends is for you.

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