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As you know from the previous article, Tigreal is going to get a revamp. This revamp will change his first skill into something else, with a huge range that will deal massive damage to his enemies in an area. This revamp will also change most of his skill’s effect with better animation and graphics. Recently, the leakers have found out that this revamp will not only change his skills, but also his weapons to a new one.

In a post on one, it is said that Moonton is going to remove his sword and change it to a new one, but it is not known yet what kind of weapon that Moonton is going to give. If we saw the skill revamp and his first skill ranged, Moonton might give him a weapon like a whip or something. Because the range and the area of his first skill is pretty large.


As you can see in the video above the area is huge, and his revamp will adjust his other skills so that he can compete in the current META.

Well, hopefully with this revamp, Tigreal users will be able to shine more!

What do you think about this revamp overall? Do you think it is going to be OP? Comment down on the link below!

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