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As new patch update is progressing on Mobile Legends, Moonton is going to release a bunch of new heroes aside from Khalid the sand Prince and Benedetta whom is the new assassins. The new hero is said to be Japalura and is a hunter that will ride a huge dinosaur in the land of dawn.

Previously, this hero has been around in the survey for as long as we know, however it is not known what his release date will be, but base on the hero code that is leaked by bunch of different leakers online, It is said that this Dino Rider is going to come after Khaleed, which means after the release date of Benedetta. If there is nothing wrong with the hero in advance server.

Each hero usually has around 1 month or less launch after the release of the previous heroes. Yu Zhong released on 19 June, which means that it is going to be mid july before we will see Khaleed or benedetta comes to the original server and this Dino Rider Japalura (Not yet confirmed by Moonton) in the advance server.

What do you think about this hero? Will he be one of those OP heroes that will kill anyone easily?

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