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Brawl Stars is getting a huge hit on China. Tencent recently published the Supercell’s Brawl Star in China and is getting a huge amount of popularity. Topping the download chart, and rank as the 3rd top-grossing chart in iOS in June 2020.

The overwhelmingly positive response from players might be because of the recent strategy of Tencent to collaborate with one of the top Korean K-Pop idols, Lisa from BLACKPINK, as a spokesperson for Brawl Stars in China. These promotional events run by her including exclusive game packages.


This is not the first time, where Lisa from BLACKPINK collaborates with a games company. Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love also gains a massive popularity boost after the K-Pop Idol.

Aside from BLACKPINK member LISA that recently releases their new song “How you like that”. Brawl stars also collaborate with the football team Prancis Paris Saint Germain to appeal to the younger audience.

Let’s just hope that this collaboration event will give us a mini version of LISA BLACKPINK to the game with her awesome vocals and dance moves inside the game.

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