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Lag and stuttering have been experienced to all Mobile Legends players, especially for those that have a low spec phone. There are so many people that have lost a match because of the game instability, and the FPS drops. It will affect the game experience for all players that actually enjoy the games.

Thankfully, in the next patch updates, Moonton promise their players that they are going to give us a system updates that will make your game more stable and have less RAM usage for all Mobile Legends players.

In the updates, Moonton promise that they are going to give us less stuttering game play, and a smoother team fight in the game. This main project will have an effect on the FPS and RAM usage overall, with a massive boost of improving their FPS rate, but the game will run with less RAM usage overall.

Hopefully, with these updates, players will be able to enjoy the full experience of the game without any lag. Because in the previous updates, there are network optimization updates that help their players to a stable green ping with Wi-Fi and Data.

Well, we are one step closer to a place for players with “Sorry I’m lagging” excuse out of our life.

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