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Mobile Legends has always been one of the most popular mobile games. The 5v5 MOBA game with tons of heroes to explore and different types of set-up each game. There are many ranks in this game from bronze, silver, master, grandmaster, Epic, Legends, to Mythic which is the top tier rank in the game.

Now, as a Mythic rank, and an old player in the game, today I will give you guys some tips and tricks that beginner needs to know to win more match:

1. Roles

There are 6 roles of heroes in Mobile Legends, which are Fighter, Tank, Support, Mage, and Marksman. Each role has a different purpose in the game such as:

  • Fighter: Usually an Offlaner (The one that farm alone), High difficulty, Low damage in the early game but really high damage in the late game. Game Changer if they can do their job well.
  • Marksman: Usually go bot with support/tank (The one that carries the game in the late game), Medium Difficulty as long as you can position yourself, Low damage and health in the early game but have really high damage in the late game. They will usually dominate the fight if they don’t die.
  • Mage: Usually go mid with tank or be support with a marksman in the game depending on what mage hero you choose. Have high burst damage even in the early game, low health, and is usually a disabler or initiator. They will help the teams wins in the game.
  • Tank: The most important role in the late game. Have high durability, can sustain damage in the early and late game. Usually works as the initiator in the mid lane, or support in the bot lane with marksman. A meat bag that helps protect the team.
  • Support: Can be a tank/ mage that has CC (Crowd control like stun, silence, petrify, knock up, slow, and many more). Can be a tank, mage, support or any type of hero that can do CC and help the enemies easily. Usually, go with Marksman and help him/her farm and get fat.
  • Assassins: The master killer in the game, usually go in the mid lane depending on how fast he/she can clear lane, if not go in the offlaner to farm. Help the team by killing squishy target, has a high burst damage that can kill marksman but needs a brain to play. Except if you got helcurt just go petrify and burst damage them.

2. Team Composition

This might be a little hard to work with especially if you solo queue in the rank match. There are so many stubborn people in the game, but usually, the most recommended team composition are:

  • 1 tank, 1 marksman, 1 mage (midlaner), 1 assassin/fighter, 1 support.
  • 2 tank, 1 marksman, 1 mage, 1 assassin/fighter

That is the ideal team composition for a beginner. There are of course other composition that works depending on your team plays, but it is skill-based and depends on how well you can farm. Which is why it is not recommended.

3. META Heroes

META stands for Most Effective Tactics Available, which is usually used when dealing with the topmost broken heroes in Mobile Legends. One of which is Helcurt with its high burst damage, Esmeralda that have the ability to tank and deal massive damage, Harrith with his ability to shield and deal damage and many other.

Learning this hero and how to use them are a viable strategy to win the game more. Especially fanny or gussion, if you can play them. You are guarantee to win more matches.

4. Watch Streamers and how they play the game

In my own opinion, watching streamers are the best tutorial, Why not youtube you ask? Well, because Mobile Legends Youtuber edit their videos to make sure that they stay cool and dominate the fight.

They don’t really give you any tips in the game that will make you better, and some of the tips need good teamwork to pull it off. Which is why your best bets are watching streamers that play alone like “Shinmentakezo” for example

5. Item Guide

Asides from watching streamers, there is some item guide that you can follow to practically win the game. There are some guidelines that offer a detailed explanation of why you need to buy those specific items for example our guide on roonby that you can found searching in the search bar above.

This will help you know what item you need to use depending on what situation that you deal with it anyways. You can click the link here for all the guide that we had to make [Mobile Legends Guide].

Bonus: Keep Positive attitude

In most matches that I have played during my mobile legends game career, the game that I have played is much more enjoyable when I have fun. Either when I am trolling with my friends, or simply playing it alone. Keep calm while having fun. Strategize and work with your teams.

If they don’t listen to you, then start listening to them. Start following them if they can’t react fast enough to your gameplay, and you will definitely win more match.

Hopefully with these tips above you will be able to win more match. Thank you for reading, By the way, we have make a hero guide that you can follow somewhere on this website check it out after reading this if you want to play well on certain hero!

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