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One-piece series has always been fans favorite since its first released in early 2000. This anime/manga has already gotten plenty of game adaptation that includes our favorite, Monkey D Luffy in the adventure of finding One Piece. One of which is the newest mobile games on Android and iOS, called One Piece: The Bloodline.

As you can see in the video above, One Piece the Bloodline has a little bit similarity with the PC and PS4 version which is the One Piece Pirate Warrior series. The game play is really similar, with you playing as your favorite One Piece character.

Each with their own skills, and you are able to roam around the battlefield to fight of the enemies. There is going to be an army of pirate that are going to spawn on both side, and your job is to kill the enemies’ side while protecting yours. After that, there is going to be a boss character that you need to fight in the game to finish up the mission.

The story line is similar to the original where you will first play as Luffy, meeting Coby, fighting Lady Alvida, saving Zoro, and so on. Currently it is not known if the game is going to have a global release, but players around the world can install it on your android devices by downloading the APK online. If you are interested in One Piece anime or manga, then definitely check out this game!

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