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Waifu is one of the Internet slang, often to refer a fictional female character usually in an Anime/Manga that they are attracted to. Aside from Anime, there are also many cute and cool waifu in the android game world that can be collected.

So, today we will give you some of the best Android games with a cute waifu to collect!

1. Arknight

Arknight has an extensive collection of waifus that you can collect. This cute little tower defense game, has a good story, complicated puzzle, and of course fun character that will make you feel frustrated but healed at the same time.

2. Onmyoji

If you are interested in a more eastern style waifu. Onmyoji is your choice. There are many choices for those that are interested in this Japanese style RPG game. You play as a sorcerer/onmyoji that can control spirits to fight for you, which is called Shikigami/Waifus. Each Waifus has their own abilities that can change the game. Combine her with your own and make your own harem paradise!

3. Game of Sultans

This might be a little unexpected, but we do know that game of sultans has a really good collection of Waifus that you can collect. It is one of the features inside the game called Consort system, where users will be able to pick any woman that they want and increase their affection to get benefit from it.

Well, aside from making baby, the Consort will boost the stats throughout the game. It is really interesting to see how many waifus you can collect!

4. Honkai Impact 3rd

Still, the best ARPG that is filled with many battle waifus that can sweep the floor around. Each waifu has a different skill that you can use, and most importantly your ability to control and combos each skill is important to use each waifu. The graphic is so good that the “Bounciness” is replicated in the game. So try to move around and enjoy the game as much as you want.

5. Genshin Impact

Although the game hasn’t been released yet, the game is so much popular because of its similarity with Zelda Breath of the wild. But we are not going to talk about that, because the character in this game especially the Waifus is so cute. There is a big Witch Onee-san that can kill everything in area with her lightning spell, A loli Spirit chan and even a fire archer childhood friend chan that is not only OP but so cute at the same time. Definitely check this game out when it comes out!

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