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The exclusive paid app should do better than the free app that you can download for free without paying anything. However, recently I haven’t really found a website that gives you that, and because of that, it is harder to pick the best-paid app that does the job well. This is why today I will give you some of the best-paid apps this month August 2020!

1. Swiftly switch / €4.99


Swiftly Switch is an edge app that improves your Android experience by allowing you to use your phone with one hand and making multitasking faster! Swiftly Switch runs in the background and can be easily accessed from any screen with just one swipe from the edge screen. It’s fast, battery-friendly, highly customizable, and no ads.

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2. Bouncer/ €2.09

Bouncer gives you the ability to grant permissions temporarily. Want to tag a location or take a photo, but don’t want that app to be able to use the camera or get your location whenever it wants? Bouncer gives you exactly that. As soon as you exit the app, Bouncer will automatically remove the permission for you in an instant so you can get back to doing what you do best, without having to worry about apps invading your privacy and wasting your battery.

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3. KWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key/ €3.99


Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustom the most powerful Widget creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs and display any data you need, at once and without draining your battery as many others tools do With Kustom Widget you can create customized Digital and Analog Clocks, Live Map Widget, Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticated Battery or Memory meters, randomly changing images, Music Players, World clocks, Astronomy widgets and much much more. Imagination is the limit.

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4. IDM+: Music, Video, Torrent Downloader/ €2.29


IDM+ is the fastest and most advanced download manager (with Torrent download support) available on android. It’s upto 500% faster than normal download. And it doesn’t run background services if there’s nothing to download and Smart download option is disabled which increases battery life.

Download: Android!

5. Fenix 2 for Twitter/ €5.49

Fenix brings you a fresh and modern Twitter experience! Tired of the same old Twitter apps? Give Fenix a try and you won’t go back! Support for multiple accounts. It got a fully customizable main screen, where your lists and saved searches can be just a swipe away. It will also give you a beautiful images and videos previews, with support for external websites like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Flickr.

Download: Android!

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