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Torchlight, one of the best ARPG games is coming to mobile platforms! The title is first announced last year during ChinaJoy 2019, where XD (The Team that developed Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love) wants to make Torchlight mobile to light.

This year, the teams have finally released some game play and classes that can be played in the game, you can see it on the video below:

As you can see in the image above, there are 3 characters that you can use in the game, and XD said that the game is not a class base but a character base. Their skill depends on the character that each person uses much like any other MOBA game.

Each character will have a different but a set amount of skill that can be utilized in the game. The devs said that there are going to be more characters on the making post-launch with over 10 being prepared currently.

It is not known about the game play that is going to be implemented in the game, but if it follows the previous series, then it will be a dungeon diving, grinding, and equipment hunting game that ARPG fans love.

Sadly, the devs didn’t says when this game is going to come out, and fans can only stay tunes.

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