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If you are looking for a new mobile game to explore, then you should definitely check out a game called Zengeon Mobile. Especially if you are looking for a mobile game with cool anime like graphic and endless replayability. Zengeon is a really cool Fusion of Action RPG and Roguelike game where players will be able to roam around the game, fighting monster in the street to help and defend the world from demonic darkness.

Zengeon is actually a PC game that is first released on Steam. Although the PC version already has an English translation, The mobile version hasn’t gotten it yet. There are 6 characters that you can play in the game, each with their own attack, skills, item, and combination that you can use to dominate the fight. As you are one of the students from a prestigious academy to defend the world, you will need to complete a series of quests to go to the blessed land to keep the monster from entering this realm.


Each place that you go will have some stages with powerful boss monster at the end. You will need to fight the monster smartly and increase your level to win the fight. In each stage, you will also get a cool relic that will change your playstyle and help you become more powerful. Each time you go to the blessed land, the stages will be different, which means that you will have a different experience with endless replayability in the game. It is how you play the game and how familiar you are with the relic that will help you win the game.

If you love game like Binding Isaac, Neon Abyss, or any other roguelike game, then you will definitely love this game! This game hasn’t been officially released on Playstore yet, but you can already pre-register the game [here]

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