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Yui kimura and Oni is coming to the game!

Dead by Daylight Mobile is becoming one of the most popular mobile game made by Behaviour. It gives their players the feeling of chasing and being chased by someone that are both interesting and unique. Recently the new mobile game is getting an update, introducing 2 new characters in the game which are Yui Kimura and The Oni to the game.

Yui Kimura is the survivor with a sad background. She is born in a conservative family, and finally rebelled and becomes independent by herself. She became one of Japan’s most successful street racers, however, she is trapped by the entity in the DBD world.

The Oni is a cruel samurai that lacks the code of honor that his father passes down as in the way of the warrior. He turns into a killer consumed by the need to kill and torture. He draws the attention of the entity and helps him play in this game of life and death.

Aside from that, there is also a map update of the Crotus Prenn Asylum, which includes Father Campbell’s Chapel, and Disturbed Ward. The Texture and Lightning are going to be improved in these updates making sure their players are able to see and to improve their player’s experience. There is also some unique summer camp costume for Dwight, Meg, Nurse, and Trapper.

If you are interested in the game, Dead by daylight mobile is available for both App Store and Google Play.

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