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Among us is becoming one of the most popular games right now. Since youtube and twitch streamers have been playing the game 24/7, it is not surprising that there are many people that are trying to play the game the same way.

Sadly, it is kinda a hassle to play the game when your teammates or your friends can’t mute their discord. A single sound when being killed, laughter or troll can make the game boring to play, since we already know that the person is dead, or is trolling the game.

Because of that, Roonby has been trying to find a way to mute the game and only open the mic for discussion. If you are also looking for the way, then you are in the right article, because we will give you some tips to mute everyone while playing among us on discord.

Invite Amongcord to your discord server

Amongcord is a bot that can be used to mute everyone. Just add the bot by using this link here! and invite the bot into your server. The bot is really easy to use, you only need one click or tap to use the bot. Credits to the amongcord maker: Pedrofracassi.

How to use Amongcord

  • Join the discord channel, and type in the chat: “,Newgame” = This is one of the commands on amongcord, where amongcord will know that the game is in session. To end a game you can type “,endgame” do note that each command by using amongcord starts with “,” / Coma.
  • After that, each player will need to type in “,join [color]” where you will change [color] with your color in the game. for example, if you are red then you should type in “,join red” in the discord.
  • after that, use the command “,sync” to get a link. The link will then take you to another website so that you can control when you want to mute everyone and who is dead or not. It should look like the image above, and tap the connect button.
  • After tapping the connect button it should look like this:

    Lobby: Is for when you are in the lobby with people, this will reset the kill, and you can start immediately.
    Task: is when you are doing task this will keep the person that is in the discord server and those that have joined the game muted without any exception
    Discussion: This will unmute all of the users except for those that are dead in the game for discussion.
    Players: If you tap the player that is alive, the user will immediately be marked as dead, and if a dead user is tap then they will be marked as alive.

  • Note: You will need 1 person that can stand by on the website to control the discussion, a good and fair person should be the admin, to ensure a fair match.

And there you have it, I hope that with these little tips and tricks, you guys will be able to have a more and fair match. Thank you for reading and i will see you in the next article!

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