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As if trying to imitate their colleagues, Moonton is making a new K’group or might be a KPop group as a way to promote their game further. This might be similar to the League of Legends K/DA group that is huge at the time, as you can see in the image below.

Currently, there are already 3 characters that are going to be included in the group, which is Selena, Brody, and lastly Chou. It seems to have a KPOP feel to it, with Selena as the group leader or might be the lead dancer in this setup, Chou as the lead dancer, and Brody as the Rapper.

Of course with this upcoming MLBB K’Group, you will expect a bunch of different skins that are going to be added to the game soon enough. Aside from that, there might also be a music video, or teaser much like the previous MLBB music video at the start of this year.

Mobile Legends can be played now on Android and iOS!

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