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Mobile Legends always had a way to one-up their skins, this time, Moonton is going to give us a new squad skins/series skins aside from the zodiac skins, V.E.N.O.M, S.A.B.E.R, and lastly Lightbourne skins, which is the Blazing Skins.

There are Aldous with Blazing Force with a red cape and Huge Gauntlet that looks like a gun. Layla with Blazing Gun that makes her hair fiery red, Cowboys like dress and glowing red gun. Lastly, Franco with a huge cowboy hat with a hook as always.

It is not known yet, when this skin series is going to be released on the game. However it might be safe to say that the skins is going to cost around 799 or more diamonds the first time it released much like the other skin series in the game.

Mobile Legends can be played on Android and iOS!

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