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The OP Support/Mage is getting another OP skins. After the revamp, this hero is getting a huge increase in popularity, where he is almost always being banned or used in the match because of his ability to stun, knockback, and deal massive damage based on his equipment. So, it is not surprising right when this hero get another Epic skins by Mobile Legends Moonton.

As you can see in the image above, the skin is named DemonLord, and will change almost all of his design. Valir will get a new robe and a much more badass looks as you can see on the leaks design by DafrixKun [Instagram Mobile Legends Leakers]. If we based her skill animation and abilities effect based on his background, then his abilities effect is going to be purple and have a dragon theme much like his dragon slayers skins.

Sadly, there haven’t been any leaks regarding his skill effect and in-game animation. So we will need to wait for a bit before its leak. So what do you think about this new skin by Moonton? Will you buy it?

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