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Update: This hero is going to be released on 12 February 2021

Yve, is one of the newest Mobile Legends mages that has been tested in the advanced server. This new hero is so cool and so op, that she can mage an area that could damage her enemies. Her burst damage is so good, and her abilities are pretty cool too. Sadly there hasn’t been any news regarding her released date, but thankfully one leaker has info.

This info is released by Mobile Legends Leakers [GrangerML] that said “If Yve is not released by the end of this month which is November 2020, it is said that she is going to be released on January 2021”. This might be because of the new heroes that are going to come soon in Mobile Legends such as the unknown tank hero, and the recently leaked Marksman that can change her weapon.

Regardless, if you want to buy her, you might want to save up your BP to 32.000 before you are able to use her in Original server. What do you think about Yve skill sets? Do you think she is going to be an OP mage?

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