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Mobile Legends is finally getting a new hero in the Advance server. This hero is called Peyton, and will be getting the role of fighter. He is a new hero that has the ability to empower their basic attack or casting skills. He is also durable because he has the skill to reduce his overall damage taken by the enemies. His ultimate is similar to Mobile Legends Fighter Chou, but much easier to use.

Skill description!

  • Passive: Champ Stance
    Peyton builds stacks when damaging enemies with his Basic Attacks or casting skills. Once this stack reaches a max number, he enters Champ Stance: enhancing Peyton’s next skill and skipping its cooldown.
    Peyton excels in his technique, and has a higher Attack Speed. However, each of his Basic Attacks only deals less Physical Damage.
    [Champ Stance]: Several more stack(s) to enhance Peyton’s next skill.
  • First Skill: Parry
    Peyton can Parry for up to a number of times, reducing his damage taken by a percentage and increasing his Movement Speed. [Use Again]: Peyton throws forth a heavy blow, dealing Physical damage.
    [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Lengthens max Parry duration to a few more seconds, increases damage reduction and Movement Speed boost. Peyton launches a hook afterward that deals physical damage.
  • Second Skill: Jab
    Peyton dashes forth and throws a jab, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies within area of effect.
    [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Gives Peyton’s jab even more striking force, dealing higher Physical Damage to enemies within area of effect.
  • Ultimate: Annihilation Strike
    Peyton launches an elbow strike to all enemies in front, dealing Physical Damage and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at rapid speed, dealing Physical Damage and slowing targets by a percentage for several seconds, as he darts back to his original position.
    [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Having pushed enemies to the destination, Peyton launches a hook striking, dealing Physical Damage and swapping the slowing effect for airborne instead.

Well, hopefully, this fighter won’t be too OP after the release. Peyton will be released on Mobile legends advance server next!

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