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If you have played Wild Rift, then you must have known about the dragon that comes and goes. These dragons are usually released in the early game to increase the power of the teams that have defeated it. Each dragon will give different buffs in the game, and each buff is going to increase your power permanently to the teams that have defeated them. This means that with one dragon, the buff is going to affect all team mates for the rest of the game.

There are 4 dragons in the games, Ocean Dragon, Inferno Dragon, Mountain Dragon, and Cloud Dragon. Each carries a different buff, and based on who you kill, you are going to get a powerful power-up.

1. Ocean Dragon

Water Dragon, has the power to heal you every 5s you are out of combat. Regards as one of the most useful ability for tanker and roamer in the game. Especially useful every times you are out of combat, and the difference in health can make a huge difference.

2. Inferno Dragon

Fire Dragon, has the power to give all the teams the spell vamp ability for free. It is an omni vamp buff that are going to affect the magic and physical damage. It is considered as the most powerful buffs in the game, that can change the player’s item set depending on the enemies. Definitely fight for it if you find one.

3. Cloud Dragon

Wind Dragon, One of the most useful dragon for jungler and tank that needs mobility to help and gank their enemies, because this dragon buff is going to increase your movement speed by 7.5% and even more if you are out of battle. This can increase your chance to win and run in the early to late game.

4. Mountain Dragon

Earth Dragon, One of the most useful dragon for tanks that has a high health. This dragon can makes shield based on your max hp, giving your allies additional health to fight in the late game.

Hopefully, with these explanation guides, you will be able to differentiate which buffs that are useful for you in the game. If you are playing League of Legends with high pings, we suggested that you use an app called Pinger to help you with your ping lag.

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