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Mobile Legends recently released a new update on Original Server. These updates introduced us to the clint revamp and many more balancing buff and nerf for example Kimmy Damage Buff and Helcurt Silent Nerf. It is a welcome update for most players in Mobile Legends, except for Lolita Users, because unbeknown to their players, Lolita got a huge nerf in the update.

You won’t be able to use the combo Flicker and Ult on Lolita in this update. It is because, when you are charging her ultimate, the flicker spell will be locked and you won’t be able to use the combo. This is huge nerf for Lolita, because players will not be able to gank enemies when using this ultimate.

It is not known yet if Lolita Flicker Ulti Combo nerf is a bug or not. Because it is not stated in the patch updates. Hopefully it is just a bug and Moonton will fix it soon in the next update.

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