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Each season Mobile Legends is going to release new skins. This skin is like a reward for those that had played Mobile Legends competitively each time. If you had played and win to master and above, you will be getting these rewards to make your hero look awesome. Now, in Mobile Legends Season 18, Moonton is going to give unpopular Support Hero Rafaela a seasoned skin.

Rafaela’s new skins are called Star Chaser. In the skin, Rafaela looks a lot more innocent and pure. It is surprising for Moonton to give out this skin to the unpopular support Rafaela. But it looks like Moonton is going to rework or buff her in the next few updates to be able to keep up with the current META.

Rafaela is one of the support her in Mobile Legends that has the ability to heal and slow his enemies and allies in the game. However, she lacks the ability to keep up with the current META even after Moonton reworked her passive abilities to deal with true damage when she dies.

If you are interested in getting Rafaela Skins season 18, try to push your rank before the season ends!

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