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Recently, Moonton released a new patch update on Mobile Legends advance server. There have been some changes on the server and probably one of the most notable changes is the nerf on Buff. In the next patch updates, the duration of buff in Mobile Legends is going to be reduced, and players might need to changes their playstyle after it.

In the update, Moonton decides to reduce the duration of each buff by almost half of it. Previously the duration is 120s for both spawn and the buff, but in the next update it will be 75s for the buff, and 90s for the spawn. This means that not only will the buff be shorter, but there is a 15s interval between players to get their buff in the game.

So, Fanny users and Ling users might need to steal other players buff to increase their buff duration. Of course, easier said than done, because the other enemies will also do the same thing.

What do you think about this secret nerf for Fanny and Ling users. Both have been able to dominate the fight in Mobile Legends. With this nerf, it might be a good thing to relax a bit from those character that mainly uses energy to fly around the game.

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