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What is your hero main? If you are an unpopular hero user, then you must be hype because recently Mobile Legends finally decides to release new updates that are going to increase their worth. But not only that, there are also some skin released that are coming soon on December 2020 or more. If you are interested in the skin released check out the article below!

Benedetta – Street Vortex

Roger – Cyborg Werewolf

Pharsa – Samba Muse

Clint – Hell Detective

Hilda – Bass Craze

Khaleed – Crescent Scimitar

Kadita – Anthem of Tides

Guinevere – Sakura Wishes

So, does your favorite character or hero gets another skin? Well, mine has, and she looks really good [Kadita Anthem of Tides]. What do you think about these new skin updates? It is good, right? Sadly it might cost you, so save your money now if you are interested in the skins.

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