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If you play Mobile Legends, then you will most definitely know that there are 2 things that we should avoid in the game. Noobs, and playing ranked match in the early season. It is because of the unfair match up that the system put you through. The rank might be the same, but the skill isn’t and thankfully Moonton take notice of this and decides to implement a new feature for fair match.

Players will be able to pick a new matchmaking mode in the early stage of the seasons. This lets players to choose whether or not they want to put on a match with higher rank player based on the point which they have on the previous season with higher leveled opponents.

Of course both have their own advantages and disadvantages, because the previous one, although it is unfair. The opponents that is given to you to dealt with will also be the same. With the previous one, if you had a high rank, then you will be put with the higher rank regardless of your current rank.

What do you think about this feature implemented by Moonton?

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