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The previous patch updates got a little problem for our favorite little tank Lolita. The tank can’t used her ultimate combos with flicker to ensure that ultimate stun effect, and there hasn’t been any news regarding that because Moonton decides to stay quiet. Well at least until now, because Moonton finally decides to fix the flicker button that can’t be used in the match.

It is said that, they have fixed the issue that caused flicker spell to be unavailable to used when Lolita was charging her ultimate. In the next patch updates, There won’t be any prohibition sign on Flicker when using Lolitas ultimate.

This is a good news for those that plays her, mainly because she is one of the most OP tank currently that could remove all projectiles with her shiled. Also, because most of her abilities is to deal Crowd control stun effect to her enemies, she will be able to kill and ganked successfully with her teams especially in the early games.

Lolita can finally be played on original server after the updates because of this fix.

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