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Ping is probably one of the most important feature in MOBA games. It is used by players to let other players know what they need in a game. It is mainly a means to let their players know what we want to do easily, Retreating, Grouping up, or even engaging the enemies. And Although Mobile Legends had implemented the feature, it is not really as noticeable by others. Well, atleast until now that is.

Because on the next patch updates, Moonton is going to improve their Ping feature in Mobile Legends. It is so that players will notice this ping feature more in the game not only on the map, but also in the game as well. Notice that there are some lingering animation in the little leaks video above.

This feature might be nice for those that are playing alone in the game. This might be used for their players to increase the teamworks for Mobile legends games next. If you are interested in the game, then please download it now on Mobile legends android and iOS for free!

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