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Previously, We have known that Mobile Legends is going to release a new marksman. This new hero is said to be able to change her weapons, and it seems like it is inspired by Jinx in League of Legends.

Boudicca is the name of the new hero and is said to have 4 skills that are able to changes her weapon ability. The character has pink hair, cat eyes, and a white tank top that makes her not only cute but also cool at the same time. Her in-game model can be seen in the pic below:

Interestingly enough there are 5 weapons that she is going to carry in the game as you can see, and according to her abilities above, she is going to have 3 buff abilities that can probably speed her attack speed or movement speed and 1 blink ability that can be used to run away. Regardless, this hero is pretty similar to Jinx in League of Legends, Her abilities in the game is also similar, where she can changes her weapons to deal area damage or quick damage depending on which type of gun she uses. But it might only be inspired as of any other mobile legends feature.

But what do you guys think?

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