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A few days ago The infamous Faramis Skin Ivy Feather is having its second anniversary. Sadly, this long-awaited Faramis skin hasn’t been released by Moonton. Maybe it is because the hero is unpopular, and because of that Moonton decides to not release the skins. Maybe because of his unpopularity, Moonton decides to revamp him.

This rumor is first known by Dafrixkun as you can see on the image above, On the caption it is stated that “2 YEARS AGO TODAY – Faramis Ivy Feathers skin survey was released today and yet, it’s still nowhere to be found in the original server. Currently, Faramis only have one skin in the game. Moonton, however, has plans on revamping Faramis soon, and with that, may also release his skin too! Show your love for Faramis by liking the photo below!”

Regardless, this is really good news for those Faramis users. The hero is not that good in the current META, and a buff or revamp might change that. Today’s META revolves around quick play that mainly comes with the combination of Burst damage assassins. Sadly there is no news regarding this new Faramis Revamp, and what his revamped skills are going to be

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