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If you are interested in becoming a shop owner or just simply playing a new and interesting casual game. Then you might want to check out a game by the Carrot Studio called TinyVale. The game is an RPG game and is one of the most interesting games currently IMO.

You will start off by going on an adventure to find loot in the game. This loot that you found will be sold for money. You can find almost anything in the game, from rare minerals to mushrooms. The money that you get will be used to buy equipment for more loots in the game.

Much like any other farming/shopping/slice of life kind of game, you will be able to get the feel of growth in this game. The money that you get from selling the loot, will be used for buying equipment such as a pickaxe for more mining options, a fishing rod for fishing, and many others.

The game is so charming, and so relaxing to play, but most importantly free to play. If you are interested in the game, download it now!

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