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Fanny is one of the best Assassins in Mobile Legends. Albeit it’s the high difficulty, the character has lots of power and mobility that can easily chase and kill down any enemies, and on the next updates, there are going to be a little change on her energy usage which is kinda like a buff.

On the next patch update, it is said that the energy regen that are given to fanny is too much by Moonton. This is why they are going to revert from 4 to 3 the same as the Official server, however the cost of the second skill is going to reduce significantly. The energy cost Is going to be reduced by 1 each time, and players will be able to further reduce it when you successfully hit the enemies with each flight.

Of course this is a huge buff for her energy usage, mainly because she will use it again and again. With the usage of buff and this energy reduction, her skill cost is going to be reduced significantly to only 6 energy usage per skill. Which is huge!

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