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League of Legends wild rift is one of the most popular MOBA Mobile games currently. Recently it reached the milestone of 10 million downloads, and it might be more when it is finally released in Europe and the US. The game is currently being developed by Riot, with more heroes and content to be explored.

Recently in an interview with AreaJugones, Lead developer Brian Feeney said that they are very open to releasing new and exclusive Wild Rift Champion and that it is something that has always been on the table.

The game is one of the newest Riot games, with little changes to it that suits the mobile version.  There is only 53 champion in the game, but there is more than 153 champions to pick from the pc version.

The lead devs also said that there is a lot of champion in World of Runeterra [One of the most popular Riot games, that also based on League of Legends universe .] with their own stories to tell. There are many characters almost anywhere that the League of Legends universe could expand with.

Sadly, Riot said that they want to release more of the old champions first before developing a new champion exclusively to Wild Rift. Regardless, the devs is definitely not being lazy, since there are more than 5 new champions that are currently on the work and is going to be released on the patch 2.0. So Stay tune for more updates!

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