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Ling, one of the most banned assassins in the ranked match is getting another skin. It is going to be a special skins, and it looks pretty cool considering the skin tags. The skin name is called Cosmo Guard, and if you are interested in the skin you can see the skill effect here.

The skin is going to change the usual oriental look of Ling to a more western look for the assassins. Interestingly enough unlike most special skin, there are also some changes to his skill effect as you can see in the video above.

There are a lot of changes in his skill effect, with the tosca futuristic look. If you are interested in this skin, then save up now because it might cost you around 599 Diamonds, or even 799 Diamonds depending on how Moonton will price him.

IMO, This skins looks better than his Dragon skins, but that is because I like the color scheme.

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