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Beatrix, previously named Boudicca, is one of the leaked mobile legends heroes. She is said to be the next OP marksman with more than 5 weapon to change from. Although the hero isn’t released yet, leakers had found out that this proven to be true because of her skill icon.

As you can see on the image above, Beatrix is going to have 8 skill icon, and around 5 of them seems to be her weapon change icon. Depending on the icon, there might be some changes that you will experience.

Sadly we didn’t know when her released date is, and what her skill looks like next. But with her abilities icon being known, it is probably safe to say that she is going to be one hard hero to used, with tons of different variety of play that can be explored. Kinda like, Fanny but for marksman!.

Mobile Legends can be played for free on android and iOS!

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