After the EP 7.5 Biforst Event, The upcoming major update for Ragnarok V2.0 is going to release new content.  From less Frame drop, new jobs, new map, and many more. One of which is the new pet adventure updates, and because of that we are going to give you some of the guides for that.

Note: This update is based on Blueberries and we only made the article version of the video. Please subscribe to Blueberries Youtube Channel and support him/her for more content like this.

There are some new pets that are going to come with the updates:

Miming [Formless]

Little Fatum [Demi Human]

Wander Man [Demon]

Jakk [Formless]

Eddga [Brute]


Aside from new pets, there are also some new region for pet Adventure where you can venture your pets for them to collect stuff. Sadly because it is in Chinese, we can only give you the pet recommendation as stated in the video above by [Blueberries]. Here are the list of pet recommendation and its level required:

  • Level 160 = Marin [Plant] [Card Drop Rate +10%] + Wanderman [Stamina Cost -10%] + Any Pet
  • Level 158 = Miming [Color Shell Exchange] + Martin Scavenger [Chest Rate +15%] + Any Pet

Hopefully with this little update, you will be able to save up zeny and color shell to buy the taming pet item in advance before the update! Ragnarok mobile Eternal love is free to play game on Android and iOS!

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