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Previously we have known that Mobile Legends is going to be releasing a new tank called Daktech. The hero has the codename of Mobile Tank and might be one of the tank heroes that has the ability to go one way or another fastly because of its codename alone. However, did you know that aside from Daktech, there is going to be one more hero in the work by Moonton? Well, now you know and he/she is called the “Shift Punisher”

Hero 106: “Shift Punisher” and from the looks of it, he will be a Fighter role and will wield a Spiked Iron ball as his main weapon! Base on the image alone, he might be those heroes that have the ability to deal both physical and magical damage by using his spiked iron ball. Of course, it might not be true, since this is just speculation.

Anyway, for the 105 hero, which is the next marksman Beatrice can already be tested on the Advance server, but what do you guys think about these new heroes by Moonton? Do you think that they are going to be OP?

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