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Ragnarok Mobile Eternal love will be getting a 2.0 update. There are going to be many changes that are going to happen soon in the game. Features like a better UI Design, new jobs, and more are some things that are given in the next update. However, with the new updates, there are going to be some features that are being deleted by the devs.

So if you want to get the benefit of this feature then you will need to unlock the feature before it is deleted. RO 2.0 updates will live after the end of 7.5 Global estimated on 22 February / 24 February. One of the features that are going to be deleted is the Guild Dojo.

You will be unable to enter Guild Dojo on RO2.0 which means that the title to get MATK+3 “Adventure mentor Title” will not be available anymore.

To do this achievement title, You will need to help another player to cleared the dojo. This can be done by using your main account and use your alt account to help them clear the dojo. Dojo has a level limit of 38 – 108, each level had 8 dojo that is separated to a different level.

You will need at least 76 Fresh Alt that didn’t fight in Dojo before. With the alt, there will be 4 level x 8 stage equals 36 runs for each character. So in total you will need 3 alt account to get the title easily.

Note: Each run will only count +1, meaning that even if you helped 2 fresh characters in one run. The count will only rise by 1. Not 2, so don’t be using 2 alt at the same time.

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