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It is not surprising if any other MOBA game follows or is inspired by another game to make a new feature on their own game. Much like Wild Rift that comes a lot later than Mobile Legends, they had implemented their own feature that makes the game much more interesting, which is why it is not surprising seeing that Mobile Legends also released the same feature, one of which are the Pick your lane map feature during hero pick.

In point 3 of the update announcement, there is going to be a new minimap feature in Draft Pick. this will help other players to know where you are going to be going in the lane as displayed on the minimap during the draft pick. This will also help players to see which roles that they should use, to help them play better and coordinate in mobile team plays.

This feature had already been implemented in the Wild Rift first actually and has already been released in the game first. If you are interested in both Mobile Legends and Wild Rift, Both game are available in Android and iOS for free!

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