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Mobile Legends recently released a new hero on the advanced server, and many have been wondering what is the next heroes are going to be released soon. Well, aside from the next marksman Beatrix, it seems that Moonton is going to really release the new Tank Daktec which is called the Swamp spirit!

On the image that is a leak by leakers, there is some lore about this hero. This mysterious creature is actually a swamp spirit that could merge together to create an even bigger creature. With the lore, the character Daktech might be able to revive if killed, introducing a smaller creature that will regenerate its health with time.

Daktech might be similar to Zac from League of Legends, with the ability to revive after being killed, which is not surprising considering that this new hero is a tank, and the ability to revive aside from using Immortality item hasn’t been implemented in the game yet. But what do you think about this hero and its skill?

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